This new study claims that things aren't going too great in the Lone Star State.

Texas received the top spot, numero-uno in a recent CNBC poll.  That poll looked at metrics to find the best and worst states to live and work in. Texas was dead last in the best, which means it was first in the worst (funny how that works).

Let's start with the positive because it's very much integral to how all of this shakes out. The state is praised as a great place to explore business opportunities, but that's where a lot of the problems lie, those people starting businesses aren't exactly treating workers well.

According to the study, Texas fails when it comes to the "life, health, and inclusion" categories. A lot of this comes from the "health" category with the fewest number of insured people and what is called a "dismal health care system". Texas is also called out for its treatment of the LBGTQ+ community and for legislating away a woman's reproductive rights. Texas also gets zinged for a much higher-than-average crime rate as well.

So what can be said about this? I'm one of the fortunate ones that has a decent job and decent healthcare, but I can't argue with the hard facts that many around me have little to no healthcare. I can't deny that many of my rainbow friends are actually becoming scared to live in Texas. I also can't pretend that I don't have many friends who have said "enough" and have moved to Colorado or New Mexico.

Don't kill the messenger here, go look at the facts. Opinions on this topic really don't matter, it's all about the metrics in the study.

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