We all know when Spring time is here it's time to get off your couch, open the windows, and start cleaning out your home. Now this is a great way to revive your space and declutter it all by throwing away all that junk but some people tend to forget that they need to clean out their cars too.

I happened to stumble upon a car in the Lubbock Townsquare parking lot that seemed to be just ready for a decluttering session so I got the necessary tools and went to work. Now many of you might be thinking this car is so messy where do you start, well first you need to get organized. Having boxes, or bags, where you can have a trash pile or keep pile is one of the keys to this mess.

Once you have sorted everything into those two piles then throw the trash away, do not look through everything a second time because you will want to save stuff. Trust yourself. Do not get distracted by certain strange items you could find like for instance in this car we found an Xbox 360, a hockey puck, a giant straw and venus fly trap seeds, very random items.

As we could finally see the floor of this poor car we did clean all the fabrics using a car fabric cleaning solution to get out all set in dust and any random stains. Along with the fabric we did have to wipe the dust off the dashboard with a multipurpose cleaning solution, Lubbock is very dusty. This was an adventure that I never thought I would go on but when the Spring cleaning needs to be done even in a vehicle then all you can do is bring the elbow grease and a vacuum.

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