A week without Taco Villa is... a week I'm out of town. Taco Villa is a serious staple food in my diet.

Why? Because it's affordable, fresh, and consistently delicious. The employees are so nice and keep the place running so efficiently that I'm rather spoiled with it. All this is to say that I feel at home at my Taco Villa.

Taco Villa is unlike other muti-location taco places because it doesn't do gimmicky food or super limited-run menu items. When Taco Villa adds something, it's because they know it's a winner.

When I saw them announce a new menu item on their Facebook page, I was thrilled. So were a lot of other folks, judging from the reactions to the post.

Taco Villa/ Canva
Taco Villa/ Canva

Are you ready to get hyped up about a new choice at the Villa?

Here it is: welcome the Flatland Enchilada to your Taco Villa. It looks so decadent and delicious with gooey cheesy, red sauce, beef, and even more cheese on top. And a nice homage to our West Texas love of New Mexico favorites.

Here are some of the reactions:

Would love to try it

Looks delicious

We tried them and they were so good!

I'm jealous of that last person and can't wait to join the club. The comments were also a place for me to have a moment of gratitude, as several folks were bemoaning that they no longer live near a Taco Villa. That's really...so sad.

I have several reasons why I can't move away from Lubbock— family, friends, my career, and of course, my undying love for Taco Villa. And for my friends that did move away, the first place we usually meet up is...you guessed it. Taco Villa.

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