Yesterday I was sent a post on Facebook that bore beautiful news: Bryan's Steaks is well on its way to opening up soon! Lubbock has held its breath for an update, and I am so grateful I have positive news to share, thanks to Brittany Stratton, who I think we can reasonably deduce is related to Bryan Stratton, the owner of Bryan's Steaks.

Bryan's Steak was devastated by a fire earlier this year, which required the business to close and renovate extensively. To see pictures of the building post-fire and to read an interview with Bryan Stratton about the fire, click here.

The first piece of good news: they are already looking to hire. That is an excellent indicator that their timeline to open is reaching its end.


The second piece of good news is the renovation photos themselves, which Brittany Stratton describes as:

just a lil sneak peak of what we’ve done the past few months! still a bit to get done, BUT reopening date should be in the works pretty soon.


That is truly thrilling news for those of us who have longed for the signature flavors of Bryan's Steaks. I have desperately missed the corn fritters and the pea salad that tastes just like how my momma used to make it. I am not exaggerating how much I cherish Bryan's, in fact, I wrote the restaurant a love letter well before the fire...just because it's important to let the people restaurants you love know you care.

Congrats Bryan's, we are all eagerly anticipating your opening and we are all so grateful you had the fortitude and grit to come back from this huge setback.

Lubbock Rejoice! Bryan's Steakhouse Shares Renovation Photos

Bryan's Steak was devastated by a fire earlier this year, which required the business to close and renovate extensively. Now, they've made major progress

Gallery Credit: Brittany Stratton

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