I guess I was living under a rock because I had no idea that Norwegian immigrants traveled to Texas in the 19th century. I certainly didn't know that they started a community that still exists to this day.

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Norse, TX, located right between Clifton and Cranfills Gap, is home to Texas' richest Norwegian history.

You see, way back in the mid-1800's, a man from Norway by the name of Cleng Peerson got a taste of rural Texas and, after gathering some more willing immigrants from their home country, built new lives in Bosque County.

Among the hustling growth of the community, three churches emerged by 1886. One such church, which still stands today, is still going strong with weekly services and their famous annual smorgasbord.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church at Norse has been around for over 150 years since its founding by the original Norwegian settlers in 1869. Originally held entirely in Norwegian, English services didn't begin until 1915.

The number of immigrants from Norway were growing so much in this part of Texas, in fact, that they had to build a second church just six miles up the road known as The Rock Church.

If anyone is interested in making this historic destination a road trip stop, Bosque County is only two hours south of Dallas, near Waco, TX. You can see for yourself the quieter parts of Texas' history: entire communities built from humble farmers finding new land.

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