I've been in the area, for the most part, since 1979. I'm still surprised by some of the wildlife here.

As you may know, I have a business in the back of the Lone Star Events Center. One day while we were building we heard some rustling in the nearby trees. Having had a problem with vandals we "geared" up and went over to the area only to be greeted by a family of five deer. One morning at three a.m. I nearly filled my pants when a deer jumped out in front of me on I-27. So, deer? Yeah, we've got 'em.

Then there was the "goofy cat" that kept coming up to my house at night. It drove my dogs wild and I had to shoo it away a couple of times yelling, "Go away goofy cat!". It turns out the "goofy cat" was a fox. I also saw a full-on family of red foxes out by the Lubbock Country Club.

I guess I should mention that we've also been overrun with peacocks from that restaurant out there (I guess they got lost or something).

Still, it wasn't until this past Sunday that I ever saw not one, but probably around two dozen turkeys. These weren't scraggly little birds either. These birds were full on invite- the-family-and-even- the-inlaws over for Thanksgiving-size turkeys. I'm not sure if they are native to the area or they just got loose but there were tons of them on the access road connecting I-27 and the North Loop.

Fortunately, I saw the birds in the distance and didn't wreck my truck when I came upon them (I think this was part of their sinister plan to get even for all those Thanksgivings).  They actually just kind of slowly parted like, "Oh, I guess we'll let you through...". It took me a minute to realize how weird all of this was, but I circled back around and did manage to snap some pics of one of the birds.



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