Do you remember the good ol' days before internet scams?

The truth is, the scams were always there. There have always been horrible people who try to take your money away by tricking you. Sometimes they go to such great lengths to steal money that you wonder why they can't just use their skills to make money the honest way. I guess some people are just born scum and there's no way around it.

There is always an active scam or a dozen floating around. The last one I saw was easily identifiable because it was addressed to my radio name instead of my real name (Man, am I grateful for that!). This time around the scam was much more insidious and had me right on the edge of the cliff before I took a step back.

The latest scam is essentially in the form of an Amazon order. They are trying to get you to believe that you somehow accidentally ordered something (in this case three routers) so you'll rush to cancel the order, at which point they'll gather your information and start stealing from you.

Right before I bought into this one (because I hadn't noticed it too had used my radio name) I Googled "internet scam Amazon order" and not only did something come right up, it was the exact same scam with three routers.

It's a jungle out there everyone, and being polite and assuming that it was you that made the mistake no longer works. Always Google if you have any suspicion at all because the chances are if you see a scam, someone else has probably also seen it and reported it.

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman

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