There is any number of ways you could look at this story, I want to look at in a way that most affects us.

The Lubbock Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a zoning change to allow a student housing project to go up west of the University by Tech.  I don't know why, but recent reports keep referring to the location in a vague way, but correct me if I'm wrong, this means the destruction of Cafe J and The Godbold Center.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The new zoning does mean that the issue is kicked over to the city council, and you can bet that "the fix is in" to make this happen. It's okay, I personally don't think we have any obligation to keep any building for sentimental reasons.

What does concern me is the thought of all of the increased traffic on 19th and University. Part of this project is a 600-bed building. That is a whole heck of a lot of traffic exiting and entering an already busy area. I guess it'll be all well and good if these students use this close access to campus to walk over for school and to visit the neighboring merchants, but I for one will now consider the area to be a little off limits.

It appears the city will start the final decision-making process in March (the official one, like I said, I bet this is a done deal).  When the demolition and construction start the traffic is going to be a nightmare, and I have my doubts about whether that will ever improve.

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