Well, this is fortuitous. Just as I started seeing complaints of out-of-towners saying "Lubbick," this video popped back up on my Facebook feed.

How is it that people even say "Lubb-ick"? There's no "I" in there. You'd think if they were going to mess up the name of the town, they'd over-pronounce the "O" and say "Lub-BOCK" -- like a bock beer.

So I decided to see if these sportscasters, newscasters, and others that are massacring the city's name are getting the bad pronunciation somewhere. Nope. The fact is, that they just aren't doing their homework on how to say it.

Also, hilariously enough, the definitive authority on how to pronounce Lubbock is...uh, me (at least according to Google Search). Not only am I the authority, while the others have a nice phonetic spelling, the announcers just sound like frogs trying to say 'Lubbock.'


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