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As I was scrolling through TikTok today, I was bombarded by videos of people scurrying to put up all of their Christmas decorations now that it is officially November.  

Of course, this then brings up the annual debate of whether or not it is okay to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. There are the holiday die-hards out there that strongly believe each holiday deserves its own time to shine, and then there are the Christmas lovers that think it is never too early to put up their lights and get out the tree. 

I think either side of the argument is valid and you should do whatever brings you the most joy, but I do lean towards waiting for Thanksgiving to pass.  

Hear me out, I am a HUGE Christmas lover. It is definitely my favorite holiday. But I also love Thanksgiving, and something feels wrong about eating your Thanksgiving meal surrounded by décor for another holiday. I don’t need dozens of tiny Santas staring me down as I over eat and pass out on the couch. 

That being said, if you can’t stand the idea of Christmas only existing in your home for one month of the year, then, by all means, decorate your little heart out. And for those that prefer to wait it out and keep the holiday cheer to a minimum before the end of November, you have every right to do so. Just don’t hate on those that prefer to decorate early. I promise the Christmas decorations that go up in or on your neighbor’s house really have no impact on your life unless you allow it to.  

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Maybe you just went all out and your house lights up the whole block!

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