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While Texas hasn't been plunged into really cold arctic weather, it's going to happen at some point. And when that morning comes, you are not going to want to sit in a cold vehicle that has been left outside all night.

It's something that happens every winter and you probably do what many Texans do. Instead of sitting in a cold car waiting for it to warm up. You run outside, start the car, and run back inside. I did it with my old car and in my old neighborhood there were many people who would do the same.

Or let's say you are leaving work and it's freezing cold outside. Can you remote start your vehicle to warm it up before getting in?

But is it legal to do that? The answer to that question comes down to this question. Do you have a remote start key fob?

If the answer is no and you run outside to start the engine to your car, leave the keys in the car while the car is running so that it will heat up while you are inside the house enjoying a cup of coffee, you are actually breaking the law.

In Texas, you can't let your engine run with the keys in the ignition if you aren't in the vehicle. Some cities in Texas will also apply this to your own driveway. The reason is simple, they don't want your car to get stolen.


But what if you have remote start?

If you have a remote start key fob, feel free to warm up that vehicle during the winter. Since the keys aren't in the ignition, state law says nothing about remote start key fobs and warming up your vehicle.

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