The IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon is gearing up to make way in Lubbock this summer.

The IRONMAN Triathlon is held yearly in many different places around the world. This year Lubbock was picked as one of many locations to host the IRONMAN 70.3.

The regular IRONMAN started as a single-day event invented by John and Judy Collins in Hawaii back in 1978. All forms of the IRONMAN events are endurance based and go on non-stop for their agreed upon distance with 140.6 miles in the normal IRONMAN and 70.3 miles for the IRONMAN 70.3, which is why the numbers are in the name for those who didn't know.

There's a division of the IRONMAN that caters to ages 1-17 years old with distances of 80 feet to one mile called the IRONKIDS Fun Run. Registration for all minors to participate in the one mile distances or less can be found here.

The City of Lubbock will be hosting the IRONMAN 70.3 at the same time as other locations around the world with all the fun amenities that come with the event. This includes the IRONMAN Village that will be the center, or home base, of the triathlon where athletes can check-in, hold briefings, and essential items. The village is free and open to the public and is where the IRONMAN Merchandise Store will be found along with different partners and exhibitors.

The race will begin with a 1.2-mile swim at Dunbar Historical Lake, a 56-mile bike ride across the South Plains to visit cotton fields, then a 13.1-mile run through the Canyon Lakes through downtown and around Texas Tech. This IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon will have qualifying spots for the IRONMAN World Championship:

  • 75 age group slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in St. George, Utah
  • 30 Women For Tri slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in St. George, Utah
  • 2 Handcycle slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in St. George, Utah
  • 2 Handcycle slots for the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona

Playtri will be on-site before the race offering pre-race inspections and to assure that all participants are able to purchase the necessary last minute equipment that is needed. The post-race recovery will be just as important and is available to the public in the IRONMAN Village, an athletic non-alcoholic beer will served and seems in and of itself interesting to try if just once.

The IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon will be held on Sunday, June 26th, 2022 with the IRONMAN Village opening for check-ins and the public starting June 24th-June 25th, 2022.

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I Experienced My First Pig Race And It Was Epic

When I am asked if I want to go to a local festival normally I am for it because you can enjoy some good festival food. I would say that very little percentage would ever say "I love festivals because of pig races."

This 4th of July I had the chance to experience my first ever pig race at the North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival and I will say that if you have never experienced that you are missing out.

The coolest part was that you can place a "bet" on the pigs that you think will win without seeing the pig. The more races you win the bigger the prize you win.

All the racing pigs have some great names from, Tyrone the Terrible, Lady Hog-ga, Cardi P, Sizzling Sausage, Britney Spear-Ribs, and more.

I had the chance to be the cheerleader for one of the racing pigs and since my pig won I got an awesome sticker that said "promote pork. run over a chicken today."

With all that said, you must experience pig races and it'll be the time of your life I guarantee it.

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