As Americans we are used to many things when attending sporting events. Over-priced food, crowds, music, and of course standing for the playing of the national anthem. Well, one college in Indiana has decided to do away with one of those traditions, and I'm not talking about the over-priced food.

According to WTHR, Goshen College will no longer play the national anthem. Instead they will play another song that will honor both America and the college's pacifist traditions. According to WTHR,

Goshen College's board of directors says it will find an alternative that honors the country and the Mennonite Church-affiliated school's pacifist traditions.

The 1,000-student college has been playing an instrumental version of the national anthem, followed by a peace prayer, before games and other events. Some were upset with the school's decision last year because the song's lyrics contain references to using war and military might to defend the country.

Art professor John Blosser tells The Goshen News that there is much national pride at the school, but that most people aren't going to blindly accept what the country does.

I don't think of The Star-Spangled Banner as a war theme. Instead, I think of it as part of our national identity. If the national anthem ticks them off, I hope they don't chant "GO! FIGHT! WIN!" at their games.

What do you think?