The identity of one of the two victims in Tuesday’s Roswell school shooting has been released.

13 year-old Kendal Sanders is recovering from a shotgun wound to the arm at Lubbock’s University Medical Center.  She is currently in satisfactory condition.  The second child wounded in the shooting is an 11 year-old boy.  He was shot in the face and neck and remains in critical condition at UMC.

The alleged shooter, a 12 year-old boy, has been placed into an Albuquerque psychiatric hospital. New Mexico State Police are crediting John Masterson, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, with talking the 12 year-old boy down. Police have also executed search warrants to search the 12 year-old boy’s home and locker.  New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas doesn’t think the victims were targeted in advance of the shooting.

During a Wednesday press briefing, Kassetas declined to speculate on a motive or say when charges would be filed. But he said the boy got the sawed-off shotgun from his family's home and had three rounds of ammunition.

"All three rounds were expended during the incident," Kassetas said. "There was no indication that he had any ammunition other than what was loaded in the gun."

Information from the Associated Press used in this report