A South Lubbock grocery store now has parking for more than just your average vehicles.

The United Market Street located at 98th Street and Quaker has installed a horse hitching post on the east edge of the parking lot to accommodate their customers who prefer to arrive at their store by hoof.

Previously, those that preferred to ride their horses to the store would just tie them to a tree, but the horses could not be left alone for long. Real Estate professional and avid horseman Carl Tepper mentioned the need for a hitching post at the location to United Supermarkets CEO Robert Taylor, but said he was only half-joking.

Soon afterward, the post was up for use, with a sign in front that designates the area as “Horse Parking Only.” Now Tepper and other riders can hitch their horses outside the Market Street, and shop with more peace of mind.

As for the inevitable aftermath of their transportation, the riders keep a muck rake stashed outside the store, and use a dumpster across the street to keep the area clean.

Tepper elaborated on the new hitching post, saying “Lubbock still has real cowboys and cowgirls, ranchers, and farmers, and I think it’s great that Market Street has been willing to embrace our western heritage.”