After Sunday night's snowstorm, a homeless man was found deceased near a Stripes convenience store in East Lubbock. Police have yet to identify him.

Police answered an anonymous phone call early Monday morning about a body found by a playa lake. When they arrived officers found an elderly Hispanic man estimated to be in his late 50s. He was wearing light clothes unsuitable for freezing weather.

The man's body was found in a camp likely to have other inhabitants. Investigators do not suspect foul play, but the body will be examined in order to confirm a cause of death.

"We found the deceased living in a make-shift tent setup," an Lubbock police officer Sgt. Ross Hester. said. "He was lightly clothed and definitely unprepared for the cold temperatures that he encountered last night.."

Officials urge the homeless population to seek refuge provided in shelters during Winter weather.

[Via Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]