It's officially graduation season around the U.S. and that means two things, how to get to the graduation and where you will be staying.

So most people will stay with relatives which could be fun but no one wants to share a bed with their cousin Hector or great aunt Myrtle. So as someone who as some experience when it comes to picking hotels I thought I would share my wisdom.

Location! Location! Location!

When picking a hotel location is key to having a good stay and peace of mind. You should pick a hotel that is far away from houses and neighborhoods just in case any suspicious people want to hide from authorities. Instead of staying near a neighborhood go for a hotel near businesses that have decent lighting and a big parking lot. That means getting on Google Maps and surveying the surrounding area.

Avoid Becoming a Target

Do not serve yourself up on a silver platter. That means if you have a big vehicle like a lifted truck or big SUV then try to avoid parking in a spot that has a lot of shrubs or closely planted trees. Instead, park away from areas that can provide coverage to any suspicious people as most thieves tend to want to steal tools or anything else that could be resold or pawned and not traced. Avoid leaving valuables in your car, that does include in plain sight or hidden and instead bring any important documents with you as a precaution.

Ask Questions Before You Book

So while you look around for hotels and are trying to book a reservation make sure to ask questions. That means calling that hotel and asking if they serve a full breakfast, if the pool is open, and even if they are pet friendly. Most hotels are smoke-free places but it never hurts to ask as well as asking for information regarding any local events they might have going on. So you can avoid those little league sports tournaments. Also, make sure to ask what time check-in starts and what time checkout is, this helps ensure that you are not rushing to get to your hotel room.

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