In the article, "The Best and Worst Legislators 2017", Texas Monthly named District 28 Senator Charles Perry as one of the ten worst legislators in the state. On Wednesday's Chad Hasty Show, Hasty voiced his strong disagreement at length.

Hasty accused the publication of siding with Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus in opposition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott or Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Hasty reviewed the article and named reasons why he takes opposition to the liberal magazine's stance, saying,

It's an anti-Dan Patrick deal. And that's really what the Texas Monthly thing is. Is that if you agreed with Dan Patrick on a couple of these items, then all of a sudden you're a horrible, horrible lawmaker. Even though, what Texas Monthly doesn't understand is, that Dan Patrick, he won the state-wide election!...People voted for Dan Patrick in this state. Texas Monthly...What they don't understand is that Texans elected who? They elected [Texas Governor] Greg Abbott, and they elected Dan Patrick. Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are more in line with each other going into this special session, than somebody else in leadership named Joe Straus [. And Texas Monthly would rather every single lawmaker be [more] aligned with Joe Straus, than they are aligned with the Governor or Lieutenant Governor. And guess who's not elected by everyone in the state? That would be Joe Straus. Though I'm sure Texas Monthly would love you to think that.

Listen to the rest of Chad's thoughts on the matter in the video above.

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