Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) called in to discuss important issues on today's ballot and make his final case to Texas voters.

Abbott, who is running for Governor of Texas, reminded voters just how important it is for everyone to not only vote, but to remind others to get out and do the same. He contrasted what he calls a positive message and vision for Texas against opponent Wendy Davis's so-called negative campaign.

On the intensity of this election and importance of the vote, Abbott said:

Polls don't win elections, only votes do, and so we have a massive operation across the state to get people to the polls.

Yesterday, Barack Obama participated in a phone call with Wendy Davis to try to get Liberals out to vote in the state of Texas, and we have to have to keep pace with that effort. We cannot allow the future of Texas to be hijacked by Barack Obama and his agenda, so we will remain fully motivated all day long to make sure that we win this election and keep Texas going in the right direction.

I think that the way Texas works is the best way. We believe in individual liberty, we believe in 2nd Amendment rights, we believe in keeping government off your backs, we believe in the power of the individual as opposed to the heavy hand of government.


Abbott also discussed other important topics in this election, including keeping Texas number one in the nation for jobs and securing the border. He said that upholding Texas and constitutional values and principals is important, and mentioned what he sees as a shift in voters moving from democrat to republican:

I've had countless Democrats come up to me and say that they are voting Republican for the first time because they are finally realizing that what the Democrats stand for is really against true American principles, and they are leaving the Democrat Party, coming to the Republican Party because they see that the Republican Party really is the party for jobs. If you want to start a business and grow a business, and achieve something in life here in the state of Texas, you need to be voting for Republican values and principles.

If you want a brighter future for your children and have them grow up in a state that's going to be prosperous and allow them freedom, then you want to be part of the Republican Party.

About the Hispanic vote, Abbott said:

The underlying values of the Hispanic community and the Republican Party really are the same. My wife comes from the Hispanic community, and the most important part for them and their family is faith. The second most important thing is freedom, and the third is family, and those underlying principles are the same underlying principles of the Republican Party.

Listen to the entire interview with Attorney General Greg Abbott in the video player above.

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