A group of protesters organized in front of Greg Abbott's book tour bus in Lubbock Tuesday to protest the Texas governor's policies.

Gov. Abbott appeared at a Hastings store to sign copies of his new book, "Broken But Unbowed." A group of protesters gathered outside to voice their disapproval.

Texas Tech student democrats issued a statement about Gov. Abbott, saying he "has not been a proper representative of the citizens of Texas." The group also criticized the reduction of funding for Planned Parenthood facilities in Texas.

Last year, a change to Texas' participation in federal Medicaid programs resulted in reduced funding for Texas Planned Parenthood affiliates, effectively de-funding Planned Parenthood in the state. Gov. Abbott went on to defend the decision, citing "several legal violations" by the women's health center.

From Lubbock, Gov. Abbott will travel to a Hastings in Midland for another book signing at 7 p.m.