On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and 11th District Congressman Mike Conaway talked with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about their thoughts on the Republican National Convention.

Abbott said that, out of last night speeches, he was most impressed by vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's speech. He said that Ryan really got the crowd fired up, and was unafraid to start tackling some of the major issues in the country, like Medicare and Medicaid.

Abbott: He articulated a clear vision for the flaws of the Obama administration for the past 4 years, the reasons why Obama has failed to do anything for this country and failed to live up to the promise he made this country 4 years ago. But importantly also, exactly why the Romney/Ryan team has the answers for what ails the country.

Abbott said that, overall, Republicans are much more energetic and excited at this year's convention as compared to the past 2 conventions. Abbott contributed this excitement to a greater sense of urgency to ensure that Mitt Romney wins the election and Barack Obama is not elected to a second term. He also said that all the different factions of Republicans, from the Tea Partiers to the Ron Paul supporters, are all rallying together to support Romney and put him in office.

Conaway agreed that people are excited about the ticket, and adds that the addition of Paul Ryan was an excellent choice by the Romney campaign. Conaway said that while Tuesday night focused on family and values, Wednesday night started the contrast between the Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden tickets, and that comparison will continue in Romney's speech tonight.

Conaway: Last night we began to ratchet up the direct comparison between the Obama administration's actions over the last three and a half years versus what a Romney/Ryan adminstration would do during theirs. In other words, build that contrast, that sharp contrast between the two visions for our country.

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