A Texas Tech law student is among 11 student regents across the state to be appointed by the governor.

Governor Rick Perry appointed Suzanne Taylor as the student regent for Texas Tech University. She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Tech, and is currently pursuing a degree from the School of Law.

Other student regents appointed by the Governor are Ryan Bridges for the Higher Education Coordinating Board, John "Quinten" Womack for Texas A&M University, Holly Allsup for Midwestern State University, Jourdan Dukes for Stephen F. Austin University, Juan Sorto for Texas Southern University, Andrew Greenberg for Texas State University,  Adriana Blanco for Texas Woman's University, Gage Raba for the University of Houston, Alexandria Perez for the University of North Texas, and Ashely Purgason for the University of Texas.

Their terms are effective June 1, 2012, and expire May 31, 2013.