Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Governor Greg Abbott talked about a number of current issues. At the top of Chad's questions for the Gov. Abbott was his views on the pool party and police situation that took place last Friday in McKinney, Texas.

Asked the Governor's thoughts on the McKinney situation and how it came about, Abbott replied:

"It's an outgrowth of a lack of trust and confidence that some people in the general public have with regard to law enforcement," said Gov. Abbott. "We need to build a stronger sense of trust and confidence with law enforcement and it's just one of the things we're working on."

Abbott added: "We have the situation where people were not responding to police commands -- we've seen a growing trend in that regard -- and when, whenever that happens, that leads to greater challenges."

The Governor continued talking about how citizen trust in law enforcement can be increased, and some of the steps that the state is taking to regain that trust.

Governor Abbott also answered questions about the successes and disappointments from the 84th Texas Legislature. Abbott named as the top accomplishments: tax reductions, transportation, border security, education, as well as open and campus carry.

The legislature greatly increased funding for securing Texas' border with Mexico.

"Another thing that we did that I will be signing today in Houston, Texas, is going to be a comprehensive border security plan," said Abbott. "Texas is going to step up and do what the Federal Government has failed to do, and that is that we are going to secure our border."

The Governor continued to talk about accomplishments from the legislature, including open carry and campus carry laws. Abbott played down opponent arguments against campus carry.

"All these hand wringings about the outbreak of the OK Corrall and blood in the streets, it's the same type of thing that we saw when concealed carry was allowed in Texas more than a decade ago," said Abbott. "People thought it was going to be the end of the world, and absolutely nothing bad has happened because of it."

Abbott also answered questions about his personal disappointments from the latest legislative session.

Listen to the entire interview with Governor Greg Abbott in the video above.

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