On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, spoke with Chad Hasty about the latest state and national news.

The annual RedState Gathering took place in Forth Wroth, Texas last week, with conservative Texas leaders such at Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott speaking at the event. According to Mackowiak, Abbott in particular seemed to really get the crowd fired up. He added that Abbott's remarks on opponent Wendy Davis being "Obama's ideological twin," was a very smart move on Abbott's part.

"One of Wendy Davis' problems is that her record is pretty liberal. An independent review of all the votes last session in the state Senate by a professor at Rice University found her to be the fourth most liberal Senator in Texas, out of 31. And so, she's got 4 years of votes in the Texas Senate, she's very liberal on most issues, she's tried to moderate here and there...but ultimately, the Obama disapproval rating in Texas is as high as it is almost anywhere. And so tying [Davis] to Obama, at least in terms of policy, I think is a smart play."

Mackowiak also commented of Davis' latest attack ad against Abbott, which tries to paint Abbott as favoring the rights of businesses over the rights of rape victims by citing a years-old court case. Mackowiak said that having such a strong negative attack ad at this time in the campaign was very unusual, and that it seemed more like a "Hail Mary" than a legitimate attack. He added that the Davis campaign really picked the wrong issues to focus on, as Abbott has actually prosecuted more sex offenders than many Attorney Generals in the past.

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