Peggy Flores just retired from being the Commencement Coordinator at Texas Tech, following 33 years of service. She's seen countless graduates embark on the new journey into the real world. She's also had the privilege of hearing the Ghost of Doak Hall play piano just for her.

Yep, you read that correctly. Peggy would hear piano music coming from the room above her office in Doak Hall.

Peggy would ask coworkers if they could hear the music and they couldn't.

Other times, she would hear the piano music and call her co-workers to come quickly so they could hear it, too. Once the coworkers came into her office, according to Peggy, the music would stop.

Peggy had heard that the ghost was the lady the building is named after, Mary W. Doak, the first Dean of Women at Texas Tech.

The room above Peggy's office is an old ballroom that used to be a meeting place for residents back in its heyday.

One day, Peggy decided to venture up to the abandoned room. She said that she needed doors on her office and had her supervisor go with her upstairs. She had him ask the ghost if they could borrow the doors for her office. How thoughtful!

Peggy also took her daughter, Rachel Montalvo, upstairs to check it out only to find a mostly vacant room with a fireplace, a chair and an old grand piano that was covered with dust.

According to Rachel, if a human had been playing the piano, there would have been hand prints on the piano and a booty mark on the chair.

Peggy is convinced that she heard the piano and that it was Mary Doak.

No other explanation has ever been presented.

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