In the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 6th, 67-year-old Priscilla Espenscheid was attacked by multiple dogs. A fundraiser has been started to help her pay medical bills.

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office responded to a call relating to an animal bite in the 10500 block of County Road 6870 just before 4 a.m. Reports say that Priscilla was taking out trash when her daughter's dogs ran up and attacked her.

In KFYO's original story, it was reported that Priscilla had two broken arms, missing toes and flesh torn from her body and face. The 3 dogs were captured after a search was conducted. Two of them were captured, and one was put down on the scene.

The GoFundMe page says that Priscilla has severe wounds all over her body from the attack, but is showing signs of improvement, responding to questions, and breathing on her own with no vent.

The page also says that all of Priscilla's toes were saved and that her arms were found to be not broken after a CT scan.

Just to update. Prissy has all her toes they were saved. Her arms have been found to be not broken after CT scan however she is very swollen and has such severe wounds they assumed so at the beginning. (We were told by trauma drs they were) Yes she is scalped and part of her ear is missing. She will have to have donor skin grafts to fix these. Her blood flow to her feet and hands isnt the best but improving. She does have very severe wounds all over. She is now breathing on her own with no vent, responding to ques by hand squeezes and mouthing that she loves us. She should be able to be talking soon. She is looking much better after getting cleaned up. This will not be an easy or quick recovery. But it is a miracle she is alive. We are very thankful for every one who is concerned and has shown Prissy love and support.

You can click on the GoFundMe link to donate and support Priscilla on her road to recovery after this attack.

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