Lubbock is growing as a bustling city which could very soon give Amarillo a run for it's money, as soon as we get a Buc-ee's or Waffle House. As the city grows there seems to be an increase in the need for employees and a few local law enforcement departments are currently hiring.

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring for quite a few positions that are open in different departments. KAMC news reports that Sheriff Kelly Rowe states law enforcement applications have decreased across the country with some states seeing a 65% decrease.

Along, with hiring for positions in the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office there are a few positions open in other counties for first responders. The cities of Slaton, Brownfield, Seagraves, along with Medical Arts Hospital opening an Emergency Medical Technician class in Dawson County are currently accepting applications. That Emergency Medical Technician class does cost $1,500 for those interested.

Back in Lubbock County anyone interested in applying for a position in the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office are more than welcome to apply but will have to be able to pass a background check, fitness check, and other requirements. I am not eligible myself (cardio is my enemy) but a complete list of what is needed to be considered eligible can be found online.

There are many opportunities for anyone interested to take advantage of some very great benefits with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, such as retirement. Anyone interested in what positions are currently open or just wanting a sneak peek at salaries can visit the Lubbock County Sheriff's website.

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