Friday on Lubbock's First News, City Secretary Becky Garza returned to talk about the decision that Frank Gutierrez's request for a vote recount was not in line with state requirements.

Frank Gutierrez filed the documents and fee to recount the vote for the Lubbock City Council District 1 election that took place on Saturday. Gutierrez lost the vote to Victor Hernandez. Garza said there was information lacking from the documents provided. Garza said, "Secretary of State provides the form that covers all of this," which is where the guidelines come from. In the petition turned in by Gutierrez, no resident address was provided for Gutierrez and no information was provided for his opponents, so that they could be given notice of recount. In addition, she noted the amount provided by Gutierrez was not enough to cover the entire recount fee. Gutierrez  will be given until 4 p.m. on Friday, May 16, to amend and return the petition.

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