Wednesday, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson launched an offensive on his opponent in the Republican run-off for Congressional District 19, Jodey Arrington, that drew a slew of responses.

Robertson stated in his attack: "For seven years Jodey Arrington chose to side with pro amnesty, pro in-state tuition politicians and against the overwhelming majority of West Texans who oppose giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants."

Robertson would go on to say: "Confronted with his failed record on illegal immigration, Arrington is doing what they taught him to do while he was in Washington D.C.—blame others, hide behind former colleagues, and falsely attack your opponent."

Following Wednesday's immigration focused attack, Jody Arrington released a statement that included this excerpt:

"I believe in strong border security, using our military if necessary, and no amnesty for illegal immigrants—nothing in Glen’s negative attack ad is true."

Arrington brought the statement to close by saying: "This is just typical Washington-style politics and dishonest behavior that Glen is using because he needs to cover up for his failures as Mayor by increasing spending and raising taxes on the hard working people of Lubbock."

In the aftermath of the war of words, former members of the Texas Tech Board of Regents decided to join the reindeer games.

The former board members took exception to Mayor Robertson painting Texas Tech in a negative light by bringing to the forefront in-state tuition statistics during Arrington’s tenure with the university.

Their statement stated in part: "We would normally not get involved in a political campaign, but in an apparent attempt to boost his candidacy, Glen Robertson has chosen to repeatedly attack Texas Tech University and indirectly, us, with distortions that we will not allow to go unchallenged."

In closing, the former members of the board of regents said: "While we acknowledge that Mr. Arrington’s years of service to Texas Tech are part of his distinguished background of public service, and thus fair game for political scrutiny, we believe the voters of this region would be better served by an honest and forthright examination."

Jodey Arrington served as Chief of Staff and Vice Chancellor at Texas Tech University for seven years.

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