Robert Saleh, the new head coach of the New York Jets, joined PFT live this week on and the former defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers had plenty to say about Patrick Mahomes who beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl last season thanks in large part to Mahomes and his playmaking ability.

To that point, Saleh said the biggest challenge in the 49ers gameplan was figuring out a way to stop Patrick Mahomes who is one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the NFL despite what he looks like between plays.

Here's What Saleh said about Mahomes:

"You’ve got to be relentless, you have to be relentless. Just when you think you might have him, he might step two steps back and then throw off his back foot. I mean, he has ridiculous arm talent. He’s got tremendous accuracy. He’s got tremendous mobility. But any time you’re a pass rusher just understand that he might do his little old man jog in between plays where it looks like his feet hurt. Don’t kid yourself. He’s got tremendous mobility, his arm strength is ridiculous. You have to be relentless all the way through. And understand that there could be a play and a second play that happens just because of his ability to extend plays and make the throws that other people can’t."

This is certainly high praise for the young quarterback from one of the games brightest defensive minds but I cannot get past this line, "understand that he might do his little old man jog in between plays where it looks like his feet hurt. Don’t kid yourself." If that's not the perfect description of how Mahomes jogs I don't know what is.

I often joke that Mahomes is only as fast as he needs to be, which is generally fast enough. Against Saleh's 49ers Mahomes rushed for 29 yards and a touchdown. In last year's AFC championship game his iconic run to close out the first half against the Titans will live on as a huge play in that playoff run.

Mahomes certainly isn't known for his swiftness but time and again it's that swiftness that is the difference in a big play for Mahomes' offense or the opposing defense.

If you don't know what Saleh is referring to with Mahomes jog, even Mahomes himself is aware of it. He responded to the backhanded compliment with numerous laughing emojis.

If you haven't seen the jog, here is video proof of Mahomes' 90 degree elbow, feet shuffling walk/run that Saleh references.



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