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For years now there has been a segment of the Lubbock population that has hoped and pleaded for a new burger chain to open in Lubbock. And for a year or two it appeared as though that chain was going to open, but instead In-N-Out burger broke the hearts and spirit of many when they announced Lubbock was no longer in their expansion plans.

Now of course, Lubbock already has some fine burger spots, but why not bring in another? And I'm not talking about attempting to bring In-N-Out to Lubbock. Forget about In-N-Out and instead look to better cheeseburger with much better fries.

Lubbock needs a P. Terry's Burger Stand. Never heard of P. Terry's? P. Terry's began in Austin in 2005 and has spread to multiple locations all across Austin.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Austin doing my radio show and tried P. Terry's for just the second time and the burger was fantastic. And it was great without having to call it animal style and throw a bunch of extra stuff on it. And the French Fries from P. Terry's are better than anything I've had from In-N-Out, even their "well done fries".

Another thing I like about P. Terry's? It's mainly a drive through. That means they are quick and know how to handle crowds. And that's what we need in Lubbock. In fact, these drive through coffee and food stands are all the rage right now.

Don't get me wrong, In-N-Out is a fine burger place. Just a bit overrated I think. P. Terry's is legit and would make a fine addition to Lubbock. That is, if we can lure them out of Austin.

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