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One of the best flights I have been on and I have been on multiple times, is the Lubbock to Las Vegas flight on Southwest Airlines. People are normally in a good mood and ready to party. And on more than one occasion, Southwest Airlines has kicked in a drink "on the house" to get the party started.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Not only was Las Vegas not fun anymore, flying anywhere was even more of a pain than normal. Not only did you have to worry about the pandemic, but wearing a mask became and still is required on flights unless you were drinking or eating.

The last time I took a flight on Southwest the drink choices were pretty slim. Soda and water. That was about it and if you thought you were going to get a refill, think again. Not very customer service friendly.

Since coronavirus cases began to fall and Southwest along with other airlines decided to start selling the middle seat again, fliers began wondering, when can alcohol be purchased again. According to USA Today, Southwest is bringing booze back this Summer.

The first flights to see the return of booze: Hawaii flights. Southwest said it will start selling beer and red wine on flights between the mainland and Hawaii on June 24.

On July 14, it will begin selling beer, red and white wine, vodka and whiskey on all but its shortest flights (those 251 miles and longer).

Southwest also announced that it will resume serving complimentary coffee on all flights 251 miles and longer beginning June 24.

Airlines eliminated alcohol sales because customers leave their masks off longer while drinking. Though, they had no problem selling out planes as quickly as they could. With more and more people getting vaccinated, airlines should get back to customer service and not making it a total pain to fly.

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