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The State of Texas received border wall material last week that was donated by an unlikely source. The Federal Government. The entire border wall project was ended and defunded by President Joe Biden and the administration when Biden came into office. When Biden ended the border wall project, it left about $265 million worth of materials unused at empty construction sites in the desert.

The panels, which are now considered surplus property, where shipped from California to Texas. 1,700 panels were shipped to Texas and are reportedly worth around $6 million dollars. The State of Texas spent about $2 million to have the panels sent to the border in Texas.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Texas Facilities Commission applied for the steel panels.

More than 1,700 steel panels now designated as surplus property of the federal government were shipped from California to Texas last week to be used in Gov. Greg Abbott's state-funded barrier on the Mexican border. The Texas Facilities Commission applied in November for the 32-foot steel bollard panels through the General Services Administration, which oversees the distribution of property no longer needed by the federal government, TFC spokeswoman Francoise Luca told the Washington Examiner.

So how much wall will this type of material build? About 1.7 miles. The Texas wall project has more than a billon dollars dedicated to it and over $55 million from private donations.

This may not be the last time time Texans hear about donated wall material as the state is open to applying for more wall panels in the future.

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