The family of the 12 year-old boy that allegedly perpetrated Monday's shooting at Berrendo Middle School released a statement Wednesday evening.

The statement read in part, "On behalf of our entire family, we want to first say that our constant thoughts and our fervent prayers have been and are for the young man who was hurt and for the young woman who was hurt, Kendal Sanders. We are praying for them to recover.

“We are horribly sad over this tragedy on so many levels. We are praying that God will be with everyone who has been affected,” reads the statement. “For all of the anguish that many suffered yesterday, our family offers our heartfelt condolences and remorse in words that we cannot fully express.”

Numerous media outlets, including KOAT-TV, released the name of the suspect currently being held in an Albuquerque psychiatric facility.  The suspect in the shooting is 12 year-old Mason Campbell.  The family statement released on Wednesday was signed by four people: Jim Campbell, Jennifer Campbell, Robert Bowles, and Nancy Bowles.

During a Wednesday press briefing, New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas declined to speculate on a motive or say when charges would be filed. But he said the boy got the sawed-off shotgun from his family's home and had three rounds of ammunition."All three rounds were expended during the incident," Kassetas said. "There was no indication that he had any ammunition other than what was loaded in the gun."

Kassetas said investigators worked through the night executing search warrants at the school, and determined from those searches that the attack was planned. They examined the boy's locker and the duffel bag the seventh-grader used to transport the 20-gauge pump shotgun to school.Kassetas said the handle of the gun was sawed off so it had "more of a pistol grip."

Classes are expected to resume on Thursday at Berrendo Middle School.

Information from the Associated Press used in this report