Downtown Lubbock has many beautiful photographic opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike. Murals, aged brick walls, ivy-covered antique buildings and more lead to gorgeous graduation, birthday, engagement photos and more.

But here's the thing: Don't leave downtown worse than when you got there. Please, pick up after yourself. These photos were taken on Buddy Holly a few days after they were originally spotted:

Litter in Downtown Lubbock

You may think that your confetti, popped balloons or whatever is going to degrade or blow away, but in most cases, it doesn't. Not only is your trash ugly, it's harmful to animals. The debris from your "confetti toss" photo is litter, and it is a crime to leave it behind.

#LitterfreeTXST has some confetti toss alternatives:

Again, please enjoy our downtown, and be sure to check out all the amazing local shops, galleries and restaurants while you're there. Just be respectful of both community and private property. It isn't difficult to be courteous.

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