Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, The Chairman of the Texas House Ways and Means Committee Dustin Burrows joined Chad to talk about House Bill 2 and 3, and their continued movement through the House and Senate.

Yesterday the House moved out House Bill 2, authored by Dustin Burrows and containing property tax reform. Dustin spoke on this, saying,

"It was a big day for Texas taxpayers. We have not had a major overhaul of property tax code or reforming it since the 70s, and so we have made monumental progress towards getting that accomplished this year, and I was very proud to work with Senator Bettencourt who brought the bill, sponsored it in the house, to have the support of so many of my colleges, the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and to move this forwards yesterday in the Texas House."

Chad Hasty asked Burrows to speak more on the fact that this bill is about reform and transparency, but not relief. Burrows explained again that this bill is designed to do a few major things, but that none them are lowering anyone's property tax bill. What the bill is designed to do is to shed light on who is raising taxes, by how much, and to get people engaged. Burrows said that he loves the idea of getting people engaged. He wants people to know how much their taxes are being raised by and give them info on how to get involved in the meeting with their local government to have a conversation.

Burrows was also asked about comprehensive property tax reform and school finance reform going together. "It's expected of us and I full intend to go home and say that we did both," Dustin said.

Finally, Burrows was asked if by the end of this session, if there is no relief, if he thought that republican voters and others would be frustrated. Burrows said,

"I think this is a significant victory for conservative taxpayers across Texas, and, of course, we want to always do more. We've got 30 days left and I am going to do everything I can to deliver as much as I can to the taxpayers of Texas, and West Texas, and Lubbock."

Watch the full interview with Chairman Dustin Burrows in the video above.

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