Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Superintendent of the Lubbock Independent School District Dr. Kathy Rollo and the Executive Director of Communications and Community Relations Jeff Klotzman joined Dave and Matt to talk about several issues concerning the Lubbock School District including schools safety, monthly meetings for citizens, guns in schools, what will happen to Smylie Wilson middle school, standardized dress codes, and Lubbock Firefighter donations.

Dr. Rollo started the discussion by talking about several meetings they had in the previous year. She explained that several community members discussed what was important to them as far as school safety goes, and with the addition of the bond elections that Lubbock has had for Lubbock ISD, they have gotten to work on enacting these security measures. In addition to this, they will start having community meetings again on a monthly basis. The first meeting will be at Estacado tonight at 6:30 P.M. Dr. Rollo said,

We want to go back again and have community meetings again, and again share what we have in place now, because we have a lot more in place now, a year and a half later, than we did then. But then also get some feedback on some things that the community would like to see moving forward.

She went on to explain that some of their security measures include secure vestibule entrances that will channel visitors, cameras, lighting, fencing, and more. These changes will take several years to construct and implement.

Dr. Rollo also discussed what has been happening at Smylie Wilson middle school. The school has been ranked an "F" school for many years now, and so they plan on rezoning the Smylie Wilson neighborhood into both Irons and Mackenzie middle schools. She explained that both of those schools have capacity to fit more students, so there won't be any overcrowding. They will then reimagine Smylie Wilson under a new name as a true "steam magnet school." This school will have no attendance boundary and so kids need simply apply. They will start with 6th and 7th graders and add 8th graders in the following year. Rollo said that there have been very successful steam type schools around the country, and so they are confident in this model.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Kathy Rollo in the video above.

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