Spring is in full swing, and Lubbock downtown farmers market is getting ready to make a comeback.

Starting Saturday, April 9 on 19th and Buddy Holly, the farmers market will be set up and open to the public at 9 a.m for a strawberry festival of delicious proportions.

There will be two Spring Strawberry Festivals to kick off this summer's fun. People will be able to buy bundles of beautiful, naturally grown strawberries and meet local food sources. The vendors will be out selling until they're all sold out.

Lubbock Farmers Market

The second festival will be Saturday, April 16. For more information about the Strawberry Festival, visit the official website.

The full Lubbock farmers market will come to town each Saturday starting June 18 through October 15. Lubbock's downtown farmers market is all fresh from local producers.

The event will have several different local vendors.