Dolcefino Consulting of Houston has released a copy of a letter sent to the judge who issued a gag order in relation to the case involving Bart Reagor and Ford Motor Credit.

In the letter, Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcenfino Consulting, says that he views the decision to enter a gag order as prior restraint on news coverage of the Ford Motor Credit v. Bart Reagor and Rick Dykes Case.

Dolcefino went on to say:

I also believe Bart Reagor has a fundamental right to defend his integrity and his reputation, as any American citizen should. I am sure you would want the same right if your integrity was ever under assault by the media. I am especially intrigued that your punitive action against Mr. Reagor did not include a similar gag order on Ford Motor Company.

He later said in the letter that he believes Bart Reagor is being unfairly held to account for the criminal actions of others.

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