I recently went to the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences
for a concert and couldn't believe the security measures they were using. I know it's a private venue and they can do what they want, but does it really make people feel safer?

They have a clear bag policy, you must empty your pockets, and then you go through a metal detector. Seems extreme to me, especially since everyone will walk out at the same time and be completely vulnerable.  

The Buddy Holly Performing Arts Center is not the only place that has enacted such policies. Texas Tech University has gone to a clear bag policy for events, and Lubbock ISD does it with their sports. I believe a lot of this has less to do with security and more to do with making money. Why, you ask? Clear bags make it harder to sneak in other beverages and snacks, so you're forced to buy from the expensive concession stands. Even if you're making the argument that it's for safety, it seems extreme. 

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Places that force you to leave your gun and even pocketknife in the car make you more vulnerable. For example, when you're walking out of a concert, if someone were to start shooting at the crowd, you could be sure that law-abiding citizens will not be shooting back. It also creates a gun-free zone that evil people can exploit. 

As I said before, private locations have a right to do what they want. But when you see clear bag policies and metal detectors, does it make you feel safer? 

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