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Did you know that the way you close your blinds at night can have a significant impact on your home’s security?

Depending on what floor of a building you live on, the direction you close your blinds is very important. Closing them the right way saves you from worrying about someone peeking through your blinds at night to see if your home, what valuables are inside, and more.

If you live on the bottom floor of a building or are in a one-story house, you should always close your blinds angled up. This makes it so anyone trying to look into your home from the outside would only be able to see the ceiling due to the angle of the blinds.

If you live on the second floor or higher, you should do the exact opposite. Angling the blinds down when on a higher floor makes it so anyone on the ground floor can look up and into your home. The only exception to this would be if there is a window located next to a walkway. In that case, you should angle the blind up like you would on the first floor.

I’ve been doing this ever since I first heard about it, and it is extremely helpful. Something as simple as the way you angle your blinds can make a huge difference and better secure your home from potential intruders. Not giving outsiders a chance to look into your home means they will be less likely to break in since they don’t know what is available to take.

Obviously, this isn’t a fool-proof method, so other security measures should be put into place like cameras and door/window censors if you want a more effective system.

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