According to the Texas Tribune, a deal has been reached on open carry. A controversial amendment was stripped from the bill when lawmakers met on Thursday.

A controversial provision, which law enforcement officials have said would allow criminals to carry firearms without repercussions, has been removed from a key gun bill, lawmakers confirmed Thursday.

Without the language limiting the power of police officers to ask those openly carrying guns to present their permits, the legislation allowing license-holders to openly carry handguns is expected to have the votes to pass both chambers.

"The Dutton/Huffines amendment is dead," said state Rep. Alfonso "Poncho" Nevárez, an Eagle Pass Democrat who took part in the negotiations over House Bill 910."There's nothing more to do. That was the only bit of housekeeping on the bill that was to be had. It's a done deal, for all intents and purposes."

The amendment would have prohibited officers from stopping and questioning someone for only carrying a handgun openly. Police groups came out against the amendment and many believed that the amendment was a loophole to allow for so-called constitutional carry.

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