The talk of the internet in Lubbock this weekend was the lady playing catch and possibly more at the lake this weekend.

What's Happening?

I find this all very intriguing and I'd like to boil it down a bit, but if you're just joining us, here's a quick synopsis from our own Chad Hasty:

The accusations began on September 6th when L****** S***** took to Facebook to accuse J*** J******, the director of special education at Frenship ISD, of playing catch topless and sunbathing nude near a playground at Buffalo Springs Lake

Now that you're up to speed, let's discuss.

I Hate Rats

I'm a law-abiding citizen. My uncle, who I respected more than anyone else, was the firearms instructor for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Still, and I don't know why, I hate snitches. The lady who chose to publish this a full week after the incident is reprehensible.

This Is Politics

The lady snitch is running for office at the lake. She saw the opportunity to use this for political advantage and that's lower than the bottom of the lake. To drag someone for your gain shows 100 percent that she is unfit for any office.

The Lady in Question

I know nothing of the topless woman other than she's allegedly a director of special education, which I believe means she most likely teaches special needs students. That job is so hard and so full of pressure that if she needs to blow off some steam, I'm all for it.

You Had Bad Days, Too

We've all had days when we've let it all hang out in one way or another. In addition, the argument of "if she behaves like that in public, how does she behave around the children?" holds no water. I should also clarify that saying she was "in public" is also a dubious claim. You cannot convince me that this is the worst thing that happened at the lake over the Labor Day weekend.

We've Been Here Before

I'm embarrassed to say that Lubbock lost another person who was of enormous value to this community because some of her frisky pictures got out. That person, ironically, also helped special needs persons through her involvement with the Special Olympics. Lubbock is not a better place without her in it. We gained nothing but running her out of town.

But What About the Children?

What about them? Supposedly this incident happened "near a playground." So what? It didn't happen "in a playground," so that's dumb to bring that up. Right now I'm "near the airport," but I'm not in an airplane.

'But If It Was a Man...'

It wasn't a man, so this is also a dumb argument. What if it was a large purple dinosaur? Or maybe a huge talking carrot? It was none of those things, so none of that matters.

The Gossips

Supposedly the woman also showed her "shaved vagina" to other adults. Context is important here and it doesn't sound like this was done to be lewd and lascivious, so who cares?

Who Really Needs to Be On Blast

Here's where things get tricky.

According to some reports, the frolicking was happening with someone who may or may not be an official at the lake. That is the person who should be on blast here. Those same reports sure made it sound like that person was threatening to use their influence in one form or another.

So There You Have It

I would hate for our community to lose a good person over a bad day. I would also hate to see a snitch rewarded (that's why I didn't tag the page). At the end of the day though, I don't care. I just found it interesting to pull this scenario apart.

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