Wokeness has become a big issue in our society. The Democrats and the far left have welcomed it with open arms, but the right has completely rejected it. Elections can be won by the independent voter, and it looks like Democrats are waking up to the fact that wokeness is turning independents away. 

Recently the news came out that Matthew Dowd was ending his race for Lieutenant Governor to make way for more diverse candidates. According to Fox News, the Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson did not take too kindly to that, and even called it racism. On his twitter account, Mayor Johnson said, “for white male candidates to stop running as Democrats to ‘give us a chance’ feels wrong to me.” He was offended by Dowd’s crazy wokeness. 

Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams made a warning as well. He told BLM, “We’re not going to surrender to those who are saying ‘We’re going to burn down New York.’” which are tough words from the mayor elect toward the BLM leader Hawk Newsom. He has made it clear that the wokeness of BLM and the riots in the street will not fly in New York City when he is mayor. 

Former Mayor of Philidelphia, Michael Nutter, just came out against the woke politics of the Philidelphia DA, Larry Krasner. Larry Krasner, a white, far left DA, has decided he is not going to prosecute certain crimes because they hurt the black community disproportionately. Michael Nutter is a black democrat and wrote an opinion piece in the New York Post where he calls out this insanity as the reason that crime is now out of control in Philidelphia. He stated that, “As someone who has lived the experience of a black man in Philadelphia and worked at the highest level of city government, I see that police and judges are trying to keep Philadelphians safe, but Krasner is not. No matter what he says, this city is experiencing a crisis of violence and murder. If he can’t see that, he is unfit to serve the residents of Philadelphia.” 

Then there is James Carville and Bill Maher who are both trying to get the word out that defunding the police and wokeness are going to lead to democrats losing elections. So back to the question, are the democrats waking up to the fact that wokeness is killing their party? Some of them are, but not enough to make a difference yet. It is great to see that there are some levelheaded individuals in the democrat party, but at this point I hope that the democrats never wake up. New polls show that Hispanic and Black voters are moving over to the republican party, and this could put a nail in the democrats' chances to win for a long time. 

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