Democrats are having a field day with one huge liability in the Republican party. Marjorie Taylor Green came into the house on a Trump wave and has been crazy ever since. She has her roots in the QAnon movement, which is far right, but not republican. I have been known to have my own conspiracies, but QANON is a whole new level. Recently she said that Nazis are getting the weapons we are sending to Ukraine. This is not only an irresponsible comment from an elected official, but also dangerous because it plays right into the Russian misinformation campaign and could get more Ukrainians killed. Russia stated that they went into Ukraine to stop the Nazi Inserection. 

Why is it so important that we separate ourselves from her? She is the perfect target for the democrats to combat their own crazy members. If they can paint Marjorie Taylor Green into a “squad” type group then they can take down true conservatives like Representative Lauren Boebert, who started in the house at the same time. Right now, the democrats have a problem with members like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez saying crazy things and the defund police movement has been a big issue as well. If they can take the attention away from their own craziness and put it on the one liability in the Republican party, they will. 

Historically, next November should be a huge win for the GOP, but it could still fall the wrong way. Right now, Marjorie Taylor Green looks like she could lose her primary because she does not represent her constituents very well. Hopefully, we will not have to deal with her after November, but until then we are stuck trying to separate the true GOP beliefs, from her crazy ones. 


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