On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Frank Morrison joined Chad and Rex in studio to discuss his campaign for County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Morrison has served on the city council with Mayor Tom Martin and Councilman Victor Hernandez, and said that his experience working on the council would help him in working with the council.  At the LCU Candidate Forum on Tuesday night, Morrison said he was the "Ultimate Conservative candidate because of his record of community service.

"We do not need to be asking the government to take care of us, and that's why I say I'm the 'ultimate conservative,' because I am actively involved in helping our neighbors.

Morrison said that, if elected, he would be honest with the taxpayers, and also mentioned that the county telling people that the county doesn't have enough money is an "out and out falsehood". He also plans, if elected, to find some way to get the county involved in a joint health department with the city and the county, and that he would possibly look into contracting the county roads to private companies. He also said that he would never vote to increase his salary.

For more information on Morrison's campaign for County Commissioner Precinct 1, visit his website at frankmorrison2012.com.