On the Thursday edition of the Chad Hasty Show Ysidro Gutierrez, Republican candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 3, talked with Chad Hasty about why people should vote for him for County Commissioner.

Gutierrez said that, after talking with the voters, he feels they are disappointed with the county commissioners, particularly with the recent tax rate increase. He said that during these tough economic times, the worst thing you can do is raise taxes.

"This is what I'm going to do on the Commissioner's Court. I'm going to make sure that there aren't any increases to the taxpayers during hard economic times. And if there is a need for some department that they have to have something, well, every year the county has an additional one and a half to two million dollars of new revenue...and in my view, that is enough to fund all the growth in central departments and essential functions of the county government."

Gutierrez said that the tax rate wasn't justified, even if it was for law enforcement. He added that public safety should be the government's top concern, but that the county needs to prioritize between the different public safety services.

Gutierrez also addressed some criticism form his opponent about how he switched from a Democrat to a Republican. He explained that the reason he switched was that the Democratic values no longer matched his views, and that his views will always be centered on West Texas.

Early voting for the general election continues until November 2nd. Election day is November 6th.