Many of you might have gone to the grocery store and seen these giant heavy looking potatoes that are not potatoes but have just as much versatility. Jicama! There are some of you that might not have heard of jicama but it is closely related to the potato family and can be found in most grocery stores.

Jicama may look intimidating at first but the layer between skin and crunchy treat is so thin that it's very easy to peel, all you need is peeler or sharp knife. Adding jicama to your diet is beneficial as registered dietitian Jannin Macias with the Covenant Lifestyle Center informed us that it's a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Macias also notes that one cup of raw jicama contains 40% of the daily Vitamin C and fiber recommendations.

Jicama almost has the texture of a potato and pear but with the slight taste of water which makes it versatile and in most instances it is sold at fruit stands raw and topped with lemon/lime juice and/or chili powder. It can also be used in soups, salads, and even made into fries making it a fat free and low calorie addition with about only 50 calories per cup.

Education Director at Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Texas Matthew Gaston informed us that the native Mexican tuberous root jicama, which is a legume, does grow on a vine which registered dietician Macias says is poisonous. The vine, and seeds, do contain a toxin known as rotenone which is used to poison fish and insects which is why it's better to buy it in store if you have any herbivorous farm animals.

Jicama can be stored in a jar with water as it does tend to dry out once it has been sliced into, I add lemon juice to the water which lets it last a bit longer. So next time you are in the store and see jicama take it home and give it a try because it's the swiss army knife of treats.

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