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The Senate Judiciary Committee has been meeting all week due to the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the open seat on the United States Supreme Court.

Obviously, tensions have been high. Republicans and Democrats have much different views on Amy Coney Barrett and the week has been filled with attacks, accusations, and long, long days.

On Thursday, the hearing seemed to have relaxed a bit as the committee met with witnesses for and against the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. And while disagreements were still in the room, there were some light-hearted moments. Like the time New Jersey Senator Cory Booker wanted all Texans to know the truth about Senator Ted Cruz.

The Twitter account, Barstool News caught the moment and tweeted it out with the caption, "This is going to end Ted Cruz". Cruz responded with "The most devastating attack ad ever issued. So what was said? Check out the video below.

"I just want the people of Texas to know the truth, he is a closet vegan." Ted Cruz a closet vegan? Oh my!

If true it might cost him a few votes around the state or a BBQ medical team would be dispatched to Washington, D.C. to attend to the Senator. Maybe Evie Mae's could make the trip. I can almost guarantee they could make a vegan think twice.

It was a nice lighthearted moment and good for a laugh or two in a building and room that probably hasn't had many of those moments over the last week.

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