Congressman Randy Neugebauer called in to talk with Tom Collins and Laura Mac Monday morning and discussed the Obama administration's response to the terror attacks in France, plus the recently passed Keystone XL pipeline legislation.

More than a million people joined over 40 presidents and prime ministers, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on the streets of Paris Sunday in the most striking show of solidarity in the West against the threat of Islamic extremism since the Sept. 11 attacks.
None of the top officials from the Obama administration took part in the march.
"This administration, I think, continues to bewilder all of us in where it's priorities are," said Neugebauer. "The President is going to welcome the [NBA Champion San Antonio] Spurs to the White House today, and [Secretary of State John] Kerry is in the region, I think he's in Pakistan...or somewhere in that part of the world and certainly could have maybe worked that trip in. There was quite a line up [of heads of state] in that march in Paris, it was impressive"
Neugebauer also discussed the Terrorism Insurance Renewal Act renewal that both the House and Senate passed and are awaiting President Obama's signature. He said the legislation would help phase out tax payer support of the act and "place the burden back in the companies collecting the premiums."
The Congressman also noted that both houses are expected to act upon the Homeland Security Act this Wednesday (Jan. 14). The bill will help limit President Obama's executive over-reach on the immigration issue, said Neugebaur. It may even force a reversal in some of the President's policies that have already been enacted.
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